Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti And The Empathy Of Artists

Part of this was crossposted via my Posterous blog. Pardon the double post. I just have to spread the word as widely as my little internet mouthpiece will carry.
I'd like to commend and highlight all the struggling artists who got their arses in gear to do things to benefit the relief effort in Haiti. Many of these people I interact with and/or keep tabs on via various social networking sites. They amaze me. Below are a few artists of note. Please check out their sales and auctions. 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross and other relief efforts.
The first is Christie Bastet. She's auctioning off one of her creepy art dolls. CLICK HERE to go directly to the Ebay auction. The bidding is still under $30!

Larry West made a beautiful poster in memorium of the devastation going on. You can see it for yourself if you check out his DEVIANTART page. He's urging people to donate directly to the Red Cross. The poster is free to download and redistribute.

Molly Crabapple, infamous for her work with the Philadelphia branch of Dr. Sketchys, auctioned off an original 3x5 pen and ink drawing via Twitter, (Take THAT those of you who refute the positive use of social networking sites!) raising $200.
As for my own efforts, I'm using this entry to try and get more exposure to these empathetic creatives' endeavors. Bid if you can afford it. Repost and spread the word if not. I'm planning on either working on a new original work whose sale will be going to relief efforts. Check back for updates.

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