Saturday, June 19, 2010


Recently, I attended Etsy's anniversary craft party in Norfolk. There was a craft station set up for cutting out mustaches out of black felt. I made a few, but my favorite creation of the night was this cameo girl on a stick:
The little victorian girl in me squeals at the sight of cameo's. I've been fascinated with cameos and silhouettes for quite a while. The art of silhouette is quite an interesting one. It was a post- oil paint pre-photograph way to capture a person's image. Classical silhouette portraiture is traditionally cut from black paper and mounted on a white background. Noted 18th century silhouette artists include Johanna Caspar and John Miers.
This is one of my favorite's from John Miers:

I've tried an updated version by cutting them from ornately patterned paper.
Like so:

I'm thinking of taking custom orders for silhouette portraits in this style. Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Art Show At Pterodactyl Philly

Last Saturday I participated in Pterodactyl Philly's first installment of Big Art Show. There were good art, good people, good music. (That helped in lieu of an air conditioner!)
Here are some photos of my time at the show:

Some of my artwork hanging on the wall. ("Stab","Sisters" framed, and "Tracks" matted.)

More art, necklaces, and notecards.

Rings and prints.

Big Art Show!