Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Beautiful Thing

The beautiful thing about taking on projects like Draw 365 is that it can inspire others to create. Take, for example, my friend Poly Hobby Mommy. She saw that I was doing it and took up the task herself. You can see her blog post about her first day with it. Good luck arting, my dear!
And here are a few selected pieces I've done with Draw 365.
Inspired by Ms. Amanda Fucking Palmer:

Clara Bow:

REMINDER: My artgasmic giveaway is still going on over on my facebook page for another 5 days. You still have a chance at the $25 mystery art package! Please participate and spread the love!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kirsten Ashley's First Artgasmic Giveaway Contest

My first ever art giveaway officially starts today, Tuesday, September 21st, 2010. I'll be holding it for one week. Prizes will be a mystery package full of artwork from my Etsy shop ( $25 worth of items such as cameo rings, hand painted bookmarks, note cards, and art prints. What you have to do to enter the contest is share the Artwork Of Kirsten Ashley facebook page link with everyone- post it on your wall, blog, twitter, tumblr, etc. I will be posting a daily list of new "likes" I get to the page. If someone on your friends list was chosen let me know by finding a piece of mine from my photo albums and posting a comment. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 28th via the Artwork Of Kirsten Ashley facebook fan page.

Breakdown for the skimmers:

- Start to end time is one week, September 21st to September 28th.

- Share this linke: with your friends.

- When I post a list of new "likes" to my page you post who of your friends "liked" my page via photo comment.

- Winner will be announced on

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Whatfor's And The Why's

I've taken up the Draw 365 project. I mentioned it in the previous post, but I'd like to write a little more about it now.
The project isn't my original idea. I'm taking cues from the likes of Project 365:Draw The Line and Flickr's Draw A Day photo stream. I don't know who the originator of the project was, but I'm certainly making attempts to follow in the collective footprints amid work, mood swings, and illness. In lieu of my portable sketchbook, I'd take brown paper napkins from the dispenser at work and draw on my breaks. Wherever I am I attempt to leave a creative footprint: a sketch, a painting, a collage, something.
To address the big WHY of doing this. My mom has lamented to me her want to get back into art. She has the materials readily available. She just doesn't have the time or energy. She has mortgage payments to make, a career responsibilities she can't shirk. Her breaks are usually taken up by working straight through them. So long as my life isn't leased to responsibility I will try and perfect my craft; keep a forward moving trajectory. Why did I take on this project? Because I can.