Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Stroke Of Luck

This blog is my place to post about my own artwork and happenings surrounding it, but not so anti-community as to not mention my good fortune in regard to the people I've come into contact with in the art community. Mind you, most of this is online. But that isn't a bad thing. See? The internet is not just for porn.

Recently I was sent 2 beautiful watercolor pieces by fellow Deviantart artist Blake Krause.
Here I am holding them up with glee as I don't have a spot to hang them yet.

I also recently won a set of buttons from doll artist Christie Bastet of Bastet Creepy Doll fame. I won them via the forums on Etsy, so you Etsiers, keep your eyes peeled.

And lastly, I was gifted a pair of earrings from my (real life!) friend Sweetji. I love them!

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