Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The State of Lovers and Firearms

I'm down in Virginia for the next few weeks. There's a gallery in the area that's interested in showing my work for their re-opening reception. I'm meeting with people from the aforementioned gallery in the next few days. I'll keep everyone updated.
My other business matter I'll be attending to while down in the state of lovers and firearm's is this: I'm looking for artists/art collectives/galleries based in the Richmond/Yorktown/Hampton Roads/Norfolk area who would like to interviewed for an upcoming Unbound Culture article. I usually cover the art scene in Philly, but I'm taking advantage of my current location to write my first trans-state piece.
If you're in the Virginia area, and would like to either attend the reception OR are interested in being interviewed for a piece in the arts section of Unbound Culture please send me a note or reply to this entry.

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