Monday, December 28, 2009

Sketch Challenges.

I was inspired by the IndieVisual blog to start sketching more often, and to start posting them more often on this much neglected art journal.
My first round of sketching is from a seasonal job at the mall: During the month of November, when things were slow, I filled up an old sketchbook.
Here are some of the sketches from that time period:

In early December I had an arting day with my fellow Clouds For Sale members (To see more from Clouds For Sale check out their Flickr Page.) Here is some artwork created from then:

Stay tuned for more information, including the finished version of a painting inspired by a Neutral Milk Hotel song and news of a gallery show in the works.


  1. Very cool! It was the first picture that caught my eye.

  2. Thanks! That first one is lovingly titled "Social Anxiety Disorder."