Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Updates From The Handmade Market Show

The morning of July 25th was the first Handmade Market event, hosted by and located at Memphis Taproom in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I was in attendance, along with about 50 other artists, writer's/editor's, graphic designers, jewelry makers, and even bakers. Highlights include mingling with other artists, especially my neighbor in vending, who recycled vodka and red stripe bottles into functional glassware (And his adorable puppy). I ate a delicious vegan cupcake from Deceptive Desserts. (This carnivore was surprised. That was the first vegan treat I've eaten that had any taste to it!)
Below are some photos of my space, among other shots from Handmade Market:

My leftover stock has been listed on my Etsy shop. I have prints, handmade bookmarks, and some vintage cookbooks.
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