Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Traveling Blog

When I travel I need a big purse. I bring along the usual suspects- wallet, money, pen, medications- along with feminine neccessities- eyeliner, shadow, powder, makeup brush- as well as the obligatory sketcher's stash of sketchbook, pencil sharpener, watercolors, colored pencils.
It makes me happy when lugging all that crap around isn't in vain. Traveling, for example. If the ride on the train or bus isn't too bumpy it's quite fun and time-killing to sketch whatever comes to mind.
Two weeks ago I went trekking from Virginia to Pennsylvania to Massachusetts and back again.
Medusa was sketched while in Philly
Align CenterTitle: "Medusa Reimagined"
Size: 9x11"
Medium: Colored pencil

This was sketched in Boston, finished in Philly.
Title: "Ambivalence"
Size: 9x11"
Medium: Colored Pencil

This last one was drawn in a pizza shop on a layover in Washington D.C.

Title: Hand Study
Medium: Colored pencil
Size: 9x11"

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Pastel Trick

A few days ago I was reading through some art books I had check out of the library. There was one pastel book in particular that gave me a tip I have to share.
Most people who own a set of soft pastels know how dingy they become. There was a particular set I own that were covered in so much mud colored pastel dust that I couldn't tell which color was which. I took the advice in the book and filled a container with uncooked rice. Then I put the pastels in, and shook it up. Almost immediately the pastels absorbed the excess pastel dust.
End result: Purple gray tinged rice and clean pastels!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Last Friday I helped craft what can only be described as, uh, props, for my friends' foray into documentary film/art biopic, Clark. Check out the blog link to be kept up to date with the episodes!

Please note: the show contains adult content and themes. In fact, my favorite line from the show thus far has to be, "Fuck Picasso! Rick Allen is the best drummer alive. Picasso has two arms and he can't even drum. He's a piece of shit."