Saturday, June 19, 2010


Recently, I attended Etsy's anniversary craft party in Norfolk. There was a craft station set up for cutting out mustaches out of black felt. I made a few, but my favorite creation of the night was this cameo girl on a stick:
The little victorian girl in me squeals at the sight of cameo's. I've been fascinated with cameos and silhouettes for quite a while. The art of silhouette is quite an interesting one. It was a post- oil paint pre-photograph way to capture a person's image. Classical silhouette portraiture is traditionally cut from black paper and mounted on a white background. Noted 18th century silhouette artists include Johanna Caspar and John Miers.
This is one of my favorite's from John Miers:

I've tried an updated version by cutting them from ornately patterned paper.
Like so:

I'm thinking of taking custom orders for silhouette portraits in this style. Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?

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