Thursday, April 9, 2009

Failed Attempts At Tea Painting

I attempted to paint a wash on paper with black tea. In my head, it stained nicely, giving the paper an aged affect. In practice, not so much. The tea wasn't dark enough to stain the paper to my liking. It would have been a nice recyclable art material had it worked. (I get black tea when I order Chinese, but I don't drink tea.)
Instead, I took a bic to paper. And here is the end result:

Title- Burning Memory
Execution- Lighter, white drawing paper, colored pencil,micron pen.


  1. Kirsten, We all have failed attempts. Sometimes what seems like a failure to you looks just fine to someone else. Thanks for posting on my blog. I'd fly away too sometimes , but it only happens when I dream it. I'm lucky because some people never do.
    Barbra joan

  2. Very true. Experimenting with new media is always trial and error.