Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Print Purchase Feedback

This post is for people who have bought prints from me directly to give their feedback. Please post a comment to let everyone know what you think of the quality and satisfaction from buying art prints/artwork from me.


  1. hello!! i purchased kirsten's print "angel in the snow" and "autumn", both beautiful. i got the small prints, but i want to eventually do a collage on my wall ful of her art work, somehow she captures a lot of what i feel, so, must not be the only one feeling as i do sometimes. great work kirsten! thanks!

  2. i love kirsten's work!! i purchased the prints "angel in the snow" and "autumn", both beautiful! i am on a mission to get more of her artwork as i want to put up a collage on my bedroom wall of her pieces.

    thanks kirsten! great work!