Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Return To Dr. Sketchys Philly

There was actually enough of a donut hole in my schedule that a special Dr Sketchys session filled perfectly. Having a retail schedule means sacrificing nights and weekends. Unfortunately this usually means passing on regularl Friday and Sunday sessions of Dr Sketchys Philly.Last night's session happened to be held on a rare Wednesday evening. It was a session hosted in my favorite childhood haunt, The Philadelphia Museum of Art. It was part of the museum's Pay What You Wish Wednesday.
The theme of this session was Game of Thrones. While I've never seen the show to judge if I'm a fan or not, the elaborate costumes (There was a sword wielding woman in armor!) and the Arms and Armory Gallery setting provided an exciting, and dare I say, badass figure drawing session. There were models with swords, armor, furs, and flowing cloaks. The evening ended with a marriage proposal between 2 of the models. Seeing the model turn bright red even gave this cynical girl a butterfly or two.
The session itself was a little shorter than the usual Sketchys sessions because of the time constraint of the museum closing at 8:45PM. Instead of a variance between 1 to 20 minute poses there were only 5 and 10 minute poses. Overall, however, I'd say this was an awesome night. I would certainly go to another sketchys session at the museum. (I've only gone to sessions held at World Cafe Live and the Mutter Museum.)
Without further adieu, here are the sketches and photos from Wednesday's session. Enjoy!
5 minute pose of Ms. Candy Mayhem
5 minute pose

2 separate 5 minute poses

5 minute pose

5 minute pose (Coincidentally, this is the now engaged pair!)
10 minute pose
Artists, models, and curator wrapping up on the museum steps