Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sometimes The Artist Becomes The Subject.

Here is a sketch of my friend and I at my booth during Big Art Show 11.It was drawn by Aaron Krolikowski of More sketches from the show are up at the site.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Print Sale!

I'm having a sale on art prints. One 8.5 X 11 inch print is $20. Buy 2 for $30. Each print comes with in an archival acetate bag, with the option of being signed.
Below are the prints available and the quantities left so far:

1. "Hollow Eyed" (2 available.)

2. "Flower Of Naivety" (2 available.)

3. "Stab" (1 available.)

4. "This Heavy Heart, This Heavy Jewel" (1 available.)

5. "I Give You My Heart" (1 available.)

6. "Cerulean Goddess" (1 available.)

7. "Shattered Mirror" (1 available.)

8. "Peacock Rides" (1 available.)

9. "Children Of The Ice" (1 available.)

10. "Faerie In Spooky Tree" (1 available.)

11. "Pods In The Abyss" (1 available.)

12. "Joined At The Heart" (1 available.)

To order prints CLICK HERE to send me an email (or copy and paste my email address: with what prints you want and your zip code for shipping calculation. I will then send you an invoice via email.